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"Helping and inspiring Italian children to speak English with confidence and enjoyment through our summer schools and fun, interactive shows, ensuring a brighter future for each individual."



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Teenagers exercising together in groups during psychological workshops at school

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Jennifer Birch - Direttrice D'azienda

Photographed by Electric Egg

Action It Theatre Company is a British company specializing in teaching English language in an enjoyable and engaging way through theater! We work closely with professional actors and English teachers in organizing courses, seminars, and shows that have an impact on students’ personal and social skills, as well as enhance their understanding and conversational ability in the English language.

With a decade of experience in teaching English language and theater in Italian schools, we are experts in understanding the importance of selecting actors with extensive experience and native English teachers, which allow us to fully immerse our students in spoken English

Our company policy is that ‘each student is important’ and so we ensure that all of our courses, seminars, and shows comply with this policy.

We do not employ students or volunteers. All of our employees are carefully selected and trained to a high level. Speaking slowly and clearly using body language to express themselves, our teachers are highly qualified in helping students communicate effectively.

The advantage of choosing a British company is that you will always benefit from proper use of grammar and pronunciation. All work sheets, texts, and scripts will be designed and created by a native English speaker, leaving no room for errors!


"I wanted to thank you for the work you have done, my child loved it. Art and education should always go hand in hand. Theater is a fantastic way to work on children's emotional side. We saw happy, calm and engaged children in English. Congratulations! Alec is already looking forward to the next course in 2023, we hope to see you again."
Rose Maretti
Parent, from Cento
"A great satisfaction also for the enthusiasm shown by the students. Seeing children of different ages collaborate with each other to make the performance unique and special was very emotional. The theme itself that the comedy tackles, one of the first examples of social novel, involved the children in a real activity of inclusion."
Antonella Benini
Teacher, from Poggibonsi
The Galleni family
Parents, from Livorno
Host, from Dicomano