Action it Theatre Company

Does your child need a little extra support with their English?  

We can help by putting the fun back into learning, engaging them in a way that they will develop their vocabulary and understanding of the language.

1:1 Online English lessons

Whether young or old, we can teach you to speak English with confidence, great pronunciation and clarity. We assess your ability in an initial introductory lesson and teach you in a fun and engaging way, which will increase your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Are you a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner?  We understand that everyone learns in different ways, and therefore we teach in a way that ensures we are teaching for all styles of learners, making our lessons have a greater impact from the start!



Lessons tailored to your requirements

From beginners  who are starting their language journey, students wanting to develop their language skills to professionals needing to work on their business English. We can help you!

Small group lessons

We can offer tuition to small groups:

  • 45 minute lesson with up to 2 children (5-&yrs)
  • 1 hour lesson with up to 4 children (7-13yrs)
  • 1 hour lesson with upto 6 students (14 – 17yrs)
  • 1 hour lesson upto 8 adults

Group sessions can have a greater impact on learning, as we can communicate with more people and learn from others at the same time.


  • 1:1  – 25€ per lesson
  • 1:2 – 20€ per person
  • 1:3 – 18.50€ per person
  • 1:4 – 17.50€ per person
  • 1:5 – 16:50€ per person
  • 1:6-1:8 – 15.50€ per person

All costs are inclusive of IVA

To discuss our lessons further or to make a booking, please us the contact us link at the top of the page.