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Fun, Fun, Fun!


  1. Due to the current situation with Covid 19, we have sadly had to suspend all summer schools for this year.   

We are hugely disappointed as this year is our 10th anniversary and we had some special things planned just for you.   

But we will not let this virus stop us having fun!  So, who would like to join us for a fun packed summer school week online? 


27 – 31 Luglio 2020
3 – 7 Agosto 2020
10 – 14 Agosto 2020
24 – 28 Agosto 2020
31 – 4 Agosto 2020
7 – 11 Settembre 2020

How it works: 


We will have a group of students (maximum 10) for one hour a day Monday-Friday.  Groups will be taught in the following age groups during Italian hours: 

5-7 years      (09:00 – 10:00)

8-10 years    (10:30 – 11:30)

11-12 years  (12:00 – 13:00)

13-14years   (13:30 – 14:30)


You will be taught by one of our English Mother tongue tutors for the duration of the week.  The tutor will have a great deal of experience in teaching young people, and will be either an English teacher, Actress, of Drama teacher.  

During the week we will learn a song, a poem or a piece of text from a script. We will teach art, singing, dance and play many games.  The week will be based on a selected theme where “fun” is the key word throughout!  


We will cover many subjects and develop new vocabulary along the way, ensuring each child will be ready to return to school in September with confidence and a stronger passion for speaking English! 


Ideally, we would like to offer the weekly groups to children who attend the same school, as this will help each child to feel more relaxed speaking in front of other people that they know.  However, this may not be possible in all cases and will depend on demand. For example, we may have to enrol a couple of students from other schools in order to reach the minimum number of participants. 


What if your child can’t attend a specific week allocated for their school?  They can join in with an open group and make new friends from all other regions.


Cost – 50€ per person for one week (Monday – Friday)

5€ discount for siblings


Everyone that takes part will be sent a pdf certificate for their participation during the week. 


What will you need? 

Laptop or ipad/tablet with built in camera and microphone 

A good internet connection 

a few basic art materials – a list will be given in advance i.e. a large cardboard box, sellotape, glue, felt tips, a pen, a4 paper, anything that you can recycle in your home. 


So…..What are you waiting for register now!! 


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